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Story of Tasik Kebun


The Farm House- Where it all began.

Tasik Kebun began as our family escape away from the city fondly called Rumah Kebun or The Farm House. This small family house was built as a place for us to unwind while enjoying the natural surroundings and activities in the lake that passed through the land- part of a sprawling 15-acre palm oil plantation.

My family and I would spend our weekends away from the city to de-stress- enjoying true kampung-style living by immersing ourselves in nature- swimming and occasionally fish in the surrounding creeks, rivers and lake, climbing the fruit trees in the enclosed orchards or going for hikes in the nearby Serendah forests.

This calming green environment was an exciting ‘playground' for all of us to explore, and it was through such experiences, that my love for nature grew. Each day, I began to learn how to recognize the local fruit trees, plants, and species of fishes, birds and other unique wildlife that surrounded Tasik Kebun.

Growing up in the city and escaping to Tasik Kebun was truly an unforgettable childhood memory. It is through reminiscing these wonderful moments that sparked my family's idea to building upon The Farm House and turning it into what has flourished into the Tasik Kebun resort today- a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life.

30 years later, with a family of my own, the realization of cultivating an appreciation for the outdoors and nature became more evident with the presence of my 4-year-old son Ary – whom I continue to encourage to explore and discover the outdoors!

Today, my family, along with my husband Kimy and I, have all come together to capture and preserve the natural surroundings of Tasik Kebun and opened our doors to sharing this special place with others.

Tasik Kebun is our lifelong dream, a place that we hold dear and close to our hearts.

We hope that each guest that passes through the Tasik Kebun gates will be able to capture the true essence of kampung-style living - and experience so much more.

A chance to revisit a favourite childhood memory - and the freedom to explore once more, to stop and appreciate nature's gifts around us and to cultivate such appreciation for generations to come.

With our warmest regards, We welcome you to Tasik Kebun Serendah

Nita & Kimy.

Tasik Kebun is the place to relax and unwind from the stresses of city life- providing the perfect chance for a refreshing getaway from the concrete jungle.


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Enjoy premium services and facilities that will elevate your experience at Tasik Kebun Serendah.


Tasik Kebun Serendah offers self-parking facilities for your convenience.

Multi-Purpose Hall

Tasik Kebun provides the perfect venue for corporate functions, team-building events, private engagements or family day gatherings.


Whether you are looking for a light breakfast, business lunch or a relaxing dinner, Cafe Tanabah will inspire you with a host of delicious dining options.


*Private BBQ or dining arrangements may be made upon request. Additional charges apply.

The lush greenery of the Serendah forest also provides a haven for birds such as the vibrantly coloured Burung Pekaka Rimba Besar (Rufous-collared Kingfisher) -the inspiration behind Tasik Kebun’s logo. If you’re lucky, you can spot this rare bird during quiet afternoons fluttering within the resort grounds.

by With our warmest regards, We welcome you to Tasik Kebun Serendah Nita & Kimy.